KLM Delft Blue houses walking tour

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In 1952 KLM introduced a miniature Delft Blue house as a gift to her business class passengers at the end of the flight. Over the years these houses have become a real collector’s item! House nr. 100 was revealed on the 100th birthday of KLM in October 2019.

Eight of the houses which the miniatures are modelled on are situated in Delft. During our walking tour we will see these houses and your guide will explain the story behind them and will point out surprising details.

The miniature houses are made of Delft Blue pottery: What was the origin of Delft Blue? We will visit a workplace and see the master painter at work.

Delft the city of Orange: we will pass the Court of the Prince where your guide will tell you the fascinating story of William of Orange, the founder of the Netherlands. 

But there were more famous people in Delft, like the painter Johannes Vermeer; where did he actually paint his painting "the street"? Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, who improved the microscope and so helped medical science to make a huge step forward and Hugo de Groot, founder of international law.

In this fascinating 1,5 hour walking tour you will go back in time, but you will also hear many funny and interesting stories about Delft today. Of course you can ask your guide all the questions you might have and the guide will give you some good tips for restaurants, trendy shopping streets or nightspots.

For this private tour you pay €100 per guide, maximum number of participants is 8.


3 reviews for KLM huisjeswandeling

  1. Judith

    Hele leuke interessante tour! Leuk om de verhalen achter de Delftse KLM huisjes te horen. Yvette weet heel veel te vertellen! Ook allerlei andere interessante gebouwen worden in deze tour meegenomen.

  2. Jet Tannemaat

    Vandaag een hele leuke KLM huisjes tour door Delft gedaan met Yvette.
    Ontzettend leuk hoe veel Yvette weet van Delft en nog leuker hoe zij dit enthousiast weet over te brengen!!
    Dank je wel Yvette!!

  3. Astrid Pieters

    Vorige week bij Yvette Z. een hele leuke en interessante rondleiding door Delft gehad. Alles op een rustig tempo met veel bijzondere achtergrond info. Yvette kan de info goed en duidelijk overbrengen. Ze liet ons de meest bezienswaardige straatjes, huisjes, restaurantjes, winkels en kerken zien met de daarbij behorende verhalen.
    Ik kan het iedereen aan bevelen. Delft is een prachtige stad.

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